Monday, June 16, 2008


Dear Friends,
Yesterday I drove nine hours ( with my son Dimitri as a co pilot) at 80 mph across the Mojave desert from San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I went invited by the Chilean Consulate in Las Vegas to visit with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet.

She was in Las Vegas for a reception given to her by the Chilean Community in Las Vegas, before taking off in the presidential plane back to Chile.

This was the last day of an incredible trip to Canada and California.
She visited both countries members of NAFTA.
Not so solicit help, but as an equal partner

Here in California she visited with our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Met with the director of the US Geological Survey John Pallister and his team.

They sign an accord to extend the collaboration between Chile and the USA creating an early alert system.As you know the Chilean volcano Chaiten, had a terrible eruption last month.
She gave a conference at UC Berkeley title " Transformation of Chile" where she was presented with the " Institution 's Medal "
And she gave a speech at the Capitol in Sacramento in front of Senators and Representatives of the State of California.

Later she visited the vineyards at UC Davis

Then she flew to Nevada and visited the largest Solar Power Plant

She wants to use the Chilean Atacama Desert as a source of solar energy for Chile

And after all that, she met with yours truly at a reception in the lovely hotel Wynn in Las Vegas

Where I told her how proud I was of her, and we reminisced of our days as young girls at the air force base where both of our fathers were officers and laughed remembering our friends in common.
It was an awesome day!!!
She took off back to Chile and I drove home again,( mi co pilot fell a sleep) arriving home exhausted but happy at 3 am.

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