Monday, March 16, 2009


When I was a teen, I remember lying down on the white sand, under the shade of the ancient pine trees, looking at the blue ocean.

The place was called " Lover's Beach" in the central coast of Chile.

That was 35 years ago.

Today, most of the pine trees are gone, the beach is overused and the ocean is in danger from the oil tankers passing by daily.

I sent a call for help via the internet and these four sisters responded.

They had only two things in common, their love of nature and responding to my call.

So they got together, bought ice plants, garden utensils, gloves, shovels and they met by the beach on a hot December day ( Southern Hemisphere) and spent the day, clearing weeds, cleaning rubbish, and reforesting the eroded hillside.

They are my heroines and I wanted to share their effort with all of you!!

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