Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to attend memorial service for Carmen Lazo this afternoon
The remains of the former Socialist party Member of Parliament will be taken to the former Congress Building at approximately noon today.
According sources from the presidential palace, President Michelle Bachelet will attend a memorial service this afternoon for the former Socialist deputy Carmen Lazo, who died unexpectedly at the Santiago airport yesterday.
“Carmen died coming home from what she always did, a political activity, travelling, getting off a plane, and up until the very last minute, at 87 years of age, (she was) still there”, stated the President.

According to the President, the vitality of the former deputy is an example of “the strength, the value and the enthusiasm of our elderly”.
Meanwhile, the remains of the former Member of Parliament will be taken to the former Congress building at approximately noon today for her memorial service. Carmen Lazo passed away on Monday night at the Santiago Airport, where she was arriving from a trip to La Serena.
Lazo suffered heart failure following a cardio-respiratory attack.

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