Saturday, August 23, 2008


" My woman's heart is sprayed with the sweet healing nectar that the Cosmic Mother delivers to me.
In this moment I am a part of the Sacred Circle of women of Light, and together with my sisters, I activate my spiritual force, to radiate affectionate energy through my hands and my conscience.
I ask you Cosmic Mother to bless my hands and the hands of my sisters in the whole world, to be able to channel here and now your healing light towards Mother Earth.
I ask you Divine Mother to do of us an instrument of your peace.
I ask you Divine Mother to do of us an instrument of your Light.
I ask you Divine Mother to do of us an instrument of your Love.
Help us to wake up as Sacred Women, warriors of Love, defenders of Life.

Accompanied by the spiritual Force of all my sisters I wrap the Earth in an Intensely violet Light and I heal her of all her wounds.
I liberate in this moment her pain and suffering and I wrap the Earth in a serene pink light, filling with loving vibration every corner of this planet.
The power of my pregnant womb joins the power of the pregnant wombs of my sisters, and between all we form a sacred circle of protection for Mother Earth.

Being together and conscious of our feminine unified power, our Love is a concrete weapon, more powerful than any weapon of war.

I open in my current circumstances channels towards the Divine Grace.

I promise To be a Guard of Mother Nature, loving and taking care of everything what the Goddess has created on Earth.

I promise to keep this prayer alive day by day, strengthening the Women's Circle of Light.
Through my daily acts I commit myself toto sow Love in the Earth. "

Carolina Pantoja, Chilean

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